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Governments worldwide were increasingly taking control of gambling activities. We now know the underlying reason. Almost all of them placed the responsibility for this control with the controlling (semi-) government agencies and gambling operators. They had to (and must) protect citizens against gambling-related damage.

These authorities and entrepreneurs all gave their own interpretation. Numerous studies have been carried out. And gambling operators took many initiatives aimed at responsible gambling. However, after studying many studies, the anthropologists conclude that there is still little clarity about the causes of problematic gambling. Or that at least among scientists there is a lot of criticism of each other’s conclusions.

Cultural differences per country

An important part of the differences in conclusions can be attributed to cultural differences. We wrote about that before. In one country or continent, players mainly engage in slot machines, while in another, people mainly participate in lotteries or bet on sports. The sources of gambling income therefore differ from country to country. But also the environment and thus the influences on, for example, gambling addiction.

After all, it makes a difference whether you are in a casino, with friends around you, playing a slot machine, in a cafe with a beer in your hand or at home behind your PC. And where in the Netherlands you can buy a state lottery ticket on every corner of the street, and find other entertainment, you have to go a long way through the snow in Lapland. Thanks to online it all becomes easier, but the physical environment continues to play an important role.

And that, according to some anthropologists, is not always properly valued. That does not have to be a problem with local research. But it goes without saying that this is the case with the worldwide takeover of a resolving initiative against limiting problematic gambling.

Health care

Governments, several researchers note, have thus increasingly taken control of gambling activities in recent years. An important reason for this is the gambling income that contributes to the economy. They gained control with the main argument of preventing gambling damage to the inhabitants. However, there are major differences in approach, based on major differences in research conclusions. Too little account is taken of cultural (gambling) differences .

But despite the differences in approach and conclusions from research, gambling has gradually become part of public health in almost all countries. While you would think that gambling belongs to the economy or a ministry of sports and recreation. By making it part of public health, the emphasis will be on preventing and / or treating problem gambling and gambling addiction. And not the pleasure of the majority of residents playing slots, a game of roulette or waiting for the outcome of a sports bet or lottery.


Over the past five years, this has resulted in more and more criticism of government policy. This criticism differs per country, based on the measures taken. But there is also general criticism. In addition, even researchers point to the methods of research into problematic gambling, for example. They believe that too much research takes place in isolated situations, where a gambling environment has been artificially simulated. There is therefore little or no realistic gambling environment.

Another point of criticism is the still ambiguous definition of ‘responsible gambling’. After all, that is the vague concept under which many governments, often equally vague, want to regulate matters such as problem gambling, gambling addiction and the like. Due to the lack of clarity, treatment in one country is in the hands of a GGD or addiction aid agency , while in another country a psychiatrist comes directly into the picture. Incidentally, the fact that in some countries research is directed from a specialism such as psychiatry also leads to objections. The criticism is then ‘heavy artillery and preaching for your own parish’.


Recent history has seen a shift worldwide towards greater government control. With, perhaps under false pretenses, a great deal of attention for problematic gambling behavior. In recent years, there has been more criticism of that attention. That does not alter the fact that governments must protect their residents against gambling-related damage. They mainly placed the responsibility for this on gambling authorities, various online gambling operators and of course the player himself.

The worldwide discussion will continue for a while. In the meantime, gambling entrepreneurs continue to change history with new or modified games grand dragon lotto, thanks to ongoing technological developments. And the vast majority of players look for fun at a game of poker , a bet or the push of a button on a slot machine without problematic consequences .…

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Perspective on online casinos: How they came to change the gaming industry  - taverners-koans

Bankroll management is important when playing the online casino game. It is an act of handling the funds you have decided to play the online casino. The successful players will tell that casino bankroll management is critical for their success. If you don’t manage your bankroll properly, there is a chance to lose everything in the online casino casino online winbet2u. Learning how to manage the online casino bankroll is critical for the beginner. 

If you can get the bankroll management skill, you will take care of your gambling funds and win more money. Everyone must be familiar with the bankroll when playing the casino game online. When you decide to place real money bet on an online casino, you can pick the best payout casino game. Stake the small amount on the casino game and get the possibility to win more money. Here are some tips on managing the casino bankroll:

How to choose the best online casino – European Gaming Industry News

Set budget 

Before start playing the online casino game, you should set a budget. Gambling the online casino must be treated as the best form of entertainment activity. You never spend more cash on the online casino, for an instant. Deciding on the gambling budget helps the player to enjoy the game with peace. If the budget is big, it makes the online gambler anxious. Once you reach your budget, you should stop playing the casino game.

Use casino bonus 

The online casino offers an exciting bonus to the player when depositing real cash or signing up. You can claim different bonuses in the online casino, such as no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and others. The casino lover can use it on your favorite casino game and win some money. The player must read the terms and conditions of the bonus before activating it. Some casino bonuses double or triple the deposit money that allows you to play the game with maximum balance. 

Build up small wins

Online casinos have lots of bets that can be determined by house edges. The player must check the house edge before playing the real money casino game. You need to understand which online casino game has a small house edge because it provides a safe gambling platform. You can win the small jackpot frequently and stay longer in the online casino games. Wagering a lower amount in the game will reduce losses.

Keep track of winning and losing 

The player must keep track of losing and winning in the casino game. It helps you to focus on gambling success instead of losing cash in the online casino. It would be best if you managed your bankroll accurately to achieve the gambling goal. Based on the gameplay frequency, you can set your budget and play your favorite casino game.  

These bankroll management tips help you to play the game smoothly. You don’t get emotional when playing the online casino game. It is only playing for fun, so you need to keep your sentiment separate while deciding on the casino bankroll.


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Online Poker Game- The Best Time Pass On Millenial

Online Poker is a paid game. There are several reasons why there are so many poker players around the live casino sg world. According to the doctor’s research, Cody WWW betting and gaming consultants, conducted by DRS in 2004, Christian Sun Capital Advisor’s revenue from Poker increased from $82million -$ 82.7 million in 2001 to $2.0 billion -$2.4 billion in 2005. According to a Senate statement, online gambling in the United States, Grant Ivy, a US government-approved public accountant, and businessman Joseph Ivy, claims that about a quarter of the money is spent online.

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Summary: What is Online Poker?

Old playgrounds (or “bricks and mortar,” B&M, residential, landscaping), casinos, and dining rooms can pose a threat to new players and are often found in multiple locations. Also, Brick & Mortar Casino does not want to promote the game because it is difficult to make a profit. Although stone bags or payment terms have increased significantly, there is still the opportunity to run a dining room. Brick and mud casinos often have money withdrawn from the classroom and additional machines added. From gambling company Joseph Eve, for example, it is estimated that bricks and mortgages account for 1% of income


Internet Poker is gone all over the world

Free Online Poker during the 1990s was played as IRC Poker. Planet Poker turned into the principal online card store to offer genuine cash games in 1998. The primary little game was played on January 1, 1998. Creator Mike Carroll turned into the “face” of the Planet in October 1999. In 2014, Poker Stars turned into the biggest organization in the Poker business when finance manager David Base declared a $ 4.9 billion offer. The COVID-19 plague has prompted a sharp increment in network traffic. The scourge is accepted to have driven players and diversion experts who decide to play web-based games because of the unexplained conclusion of numerous clubs and different game scenes. Play the world over. Truly, most unlicensed destinations are shut. What’s more, an absence of game and amusement in all pieces of the world has prompted a deficiency of relaxation time simultaneously, prompting an ever-increasing number of competitors. On the other hand, it showed up in Online Poker. Numerous clients report full or twofold immersion during the day, contingent upon past volume.


Some Poker rooms have begun offering Poker on cell phones (PDAs, cell phones, PDAs). The usefulness of the Online Poker programming is the equivalent for electronic clients, although it is lined up with versatile correspondences. The player must have the option to get to WiFi or PDA to play. Most cheats include a conflict between players or the utilization of numerous records by one player. Association isn’t restricted to web-based games, yet you can play with at least three parts in any Poker game. ManyPoker clubs guarantee to examine such things. For instance, in 2007 Poker Stars dropped TheV0id, the primary supporter of the Poker World Cup, for abusing the Terms of Service.


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Gambling addiction

In previous articles we mentioned that researchers consider dopamine to be one of the most important substances that influence addiction. The simple explanation is that a person wants to experience a feeling of happiness, obtained by the production of dopamine, over and over again. However, habituation means that more and more must be used or done to keep the level high enough for the pleasant feeling.

So you have to use more alcohol, nicotine or other substances. And continue gambling until the fruit symbols are lined up again or the roulette ball lands on the number of your choice.


In the practice of addiction it is of course more complicated. Hence, researchers do not yet have a conclusive answer. And the story outlined above about dopamine and serotonin is also more complex. After all, all kinds of processes are going on in the body that influence each other favorably or unfavorably. For example, if you suddenly find yourself in a stressful situation, you create adrenaline. At that moment, so much attention is paid to it that the brain cannot produce other substances for a while.

And dopamine and sorotonin are also just substances. They are interesting, but depend on other substances for their effect. Which in themselves are also influenced by all kinds of causes and effects. Recently, a story was circulating that, for example, eating chicken would be beneficial for increasing your serotonin level. Researchers were soon able to demonstrate that there is indeed a beneficial substance present in chicken. But that its effect on serotonin is canceled out by the greater influence of other substances.

Additional information

  • In addiction, drugs, gambling and the like are often considered. But we can also be addicted to simple things, such as the light from the television, a game console or a computer monitor. Especially in the evening that light increases the risk of addiction. In the most pleasant situation, our dopamine level is higher during the day than in the evening. During the day we want to be alert, focused on our work and the like. In the evening we prepare for the night and sleep. The light from the television keeps our dopamine levels high and dopamine is a reward hormone, etc.
  • There are more factors that come into play before you have a gambling addiction, at places such as victory 996 thai. So more is needed than the influence of dopamine and sertonine. In most people these factors are not or hardly present. For example, they have other distractions, such as a sports club where they train regularly. You cannot play roulette and train at your football club at the same time.
    • Moreover, your dopamine level also rises during exercise. When you understand how the dopamine trick works on gambling addiction, you can easily escape it by living a more versatile life.
    • In addition to exercise (sports), there are many more things to increase your dopamine and / or serotonin level (and thus get a reward feeling). For example, eating chocolate, reaching any goal, taking a walk in the woods or beach, listening to music and more.
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We already regularly posted articles on the history of gambling on  this website. This often concerned an early history. For example, the history of slots , playing cards and words. Sometimes a history that dates back to long before 1900.

But of course there is also recent history for the past 35 years. Just look at the changes in slots during that period. Mechanical cabinets have been quickly replaced by digital video slots  with numerous possibilities for attractive games. Which can also be played at home.

And thanks to increased globalization, physical slots and online games have spread across the world at lightning speed. In principle, interested parties can now play the same games everywhere. With slot machines we then only name one part. Much more important than the appearance of roulette gambling , slot machines and the like, however, is something else that characterizes recent history.

Income source

With the increase in gambling opportunities, gambling became an important source of income for several countries. Or, if a country did not yet have proper control over gambling among its inhabitants, a reason to look at gambling laws and regulations . In 2001, global gambling revenue was over $ 200 billion. That grew at a fairly constant percentage per year to just under 400 billion in 2010. This year, partly due to the dip due to corona, it will amount to just over 500 billion dollars.

If we are not yet properly monitored, we can think of online gambling in the Netherlands as an example. Online gambling is prohibited in the Netherlands, so Dutch people who want to play turn to foreign providers. The Dutch economy earns nothing from the money they spend there. That has to change with the announced legislative changes. But with what arguments? Of course not complaining about loss of income. No, anthropologists looking at recent history saw different arguments.

Changed world

Anthropologists are interested in how people interact with each other and the world around them, and how they give meaning to their lives. They look at all facets. Even when they are researching a part, eg a gambler’s dialect in Tahiti. Then they look at a much wider area. With the example in mind therefore also to the history, economic developments, religious practices, politics and more on Tahiti.

Some anthropologists worldwide have looked at the recent history of gambling in recent years. In particular, they saw that concepts such as responsible gambling, consumer protection and the like were increasingly used in the arguments of governments.

Ultimately, all arguments around ‘preventing all kinds of problematic gambling behavior ‘ turned out to stem mainly from the desire to secure gambling income. Or to ensure that a country itself can profit from the gambling behavior of its inhabitants. So the gambling income.…

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Winn, (not to be confused with the Wynn !) Introduced the banker, among other things, shortly after the turn of the 20th century. Until then, participants played against each other. With the new rules they played against the bank. John Winn also came up with the rule that you can bet against the pitcher, a measure against cheating by the pitcher. If you didn’t trust him or her, you bet against him.

John H. Winn became the father of modern craps with his innovations. But several people after him refined his rules. As early as 1910, craps beat the game Faro, which was the most popular game in America until then.

Additional information

  • Not only do we find the ancient history of craps questionable. The recent stories with Bernard de Marigny de Mandeville and John Henry Winn are also difficult or impossible to verify. According to game author John Scarne, John H. Winn was born in 1865. With his wife Ellen Florence Weake he had a son, Henry Edward Winn. But that information is nowhere to be found. And more is not known about this man. He is not even on the list of members of the Association of American Playing Card Manufacturers.
  • It is more fun to look at some weird facts about craps, for which we also do not put our hands in the fire.
    • Craps is the game around which most superstitions hang. For example, many players will never pronounce the word ‘seven’ because they believe it has a curse. Bizarre, of course, in a game in which seven plays a major role. The best-known alleged lucky charm, but of course also the result of superstition, is the blowing of a beautiful lady over the dice.
    • In 2009 Patricia Demauro played craps for the longest turn without rolling a combination of 7. In the end it took 154 throws, a chance of 1 in 1.5 billion, and 4 hours and 18 minutes. The New Jersey player set her record at the Borgota Hotel Casino in Atlantic City.
    • The highest craps win is attributed to Archie Karas (official name Anargyros Karabourniotis). He started playing with $ 50 in late 1992 and multiplied that to $ 40 million in three years. Gradually he had more and more capital to deploy. And he did, up to $ 100,000 or more per turn. But Archie Karas couldn’t handle the opulence. Instead of enjoying his acquired wealth, he played on and lost the money as quickly as he won it. And he started cheating. In 2013 he was arrested and charged with burglary, cheating and winning by fraudulent means. Many now wonder if he didn’t even when he made his huge profits. Especially after it became known that he was first caught in 1988.
  • According to some mathematicians, the rules of the game of craps are simple. But according to them it is the most complicated game in a casino. It is an exciting game and it can be loud at times. You can see that in the preview of the latest James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’.
  • And do you still want to read why it seems simple, but is complicated? Then read ‘The Risk of the Roll – A Mathematical Analysis of Casino Dice Games’. It’s a 2013 study in which Daniel Widmann takes you into the complexity of craps.
  • The story about Meyer Lansky comes from the book ‘Meyer Lansky, The Thinking Man’s Gangster’ by Robert Lacey from 2015 (reprint from 1991). This book is generally regarded as the most reliable and best-documented book about a gangster from the early years of American organized crime.