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Gambling addiction

In previous articles we mentioned that researchers consider dopamine to be one of the most important substances that influence addiction. The simple explanation is that a person wants to experience a feeling of happiness, obtained by the production of dopamine, over and over again. However, habituation means that more and more must be used or done to keep the level high enough for the pleasant feeling.

So you have to use more alcohol, nicotine or other substances. And continue gambling until the fruit symbols are lined up again or the roulette ball lands on the number of your choice.


In the practice of addiction it is of course more complicated. Hence, researchers do not yet have a conclusive answer. And the story outlined above about dopamine and serotonin is also more complex. After all, all kinds of processes are going on in the body that influence each other favorably or unfavorably. For example, if you suddenly find yourself in a stressful situation, you create adrenaline. At that moment, so much attention is paid to it that the brain cannot produce other substances for a while.

And dopamine and sorotonin are also just substances. They are interesting, but depend on other substances for their effect. Which in themselves are also influenced by all kinds of causes and effects. Recently, a story was circulating that, for example, eating chicken would be beneficial for increasing your serotonin level. Researchers were soon able to demonstrate that there is indeed a beneficial substance present in chicken. But that its effect on serotonin is canceled out by the greater influence of other substances.

Additional information

  • In addiction, drugs, gambling and the like are often considered. But we can also be addicted to simple things, such as the light from the television, a game console or a computer monitor. Especially in the evening that light increases the risk of addiction. In the most pleasant situation, our dopamine level is higher during the day than in the evening. During the day we want to be alert, focused on our work and the like. In the evening we prepare for the night and sleep. The light from the television keeps our dopamine levels high and dopamine is a reward hormone, etc.
  • There are more factors that come into play before you have a gambling addiction, at places such as victory 996 thai. So more is needed than the influence of dopamine and sertonine. In most people these factors are not or hardly present. For example, they have other distractions, such as a sports club where they train regularly. You cannot play roulette and train at your football club at the same time.
    • Moreover, your dopamine level also rises during exercise. When you understand how the dopamine trick works on gambling addiction, you can easily escape it by living a more versatile life.
    • In addition to exercise (sports), there are many more things to increase your dopamine and / or serotonin level (and thus get a reward feeling). For example, eating chocolate, reaching any goal, taking a walk in the woods or beach, listening to music and more.

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